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Amongst the mayhem of last week was three days of shooting Eric, for which I was DOP. Eric is Richard Fosters directorial debut and I am sure the film will go down well. Ungraded screen grabs below.

Back To The Lake District

After a 12 hour recce yesterday I am sure that I have finally found the location for the ending of Above Me. Nestled at the end of Borrowdale in the Lake District sits Eagle Crag. As I stood in the valley I looked up at a huge black mass of rock emerging from the hillside I knew it was looking promising. Monday is the day of reckoning, myself and Richard will be armed with trusty 5D’s and will climb, timelapse, fight, cry and film until it’s done! 

I Love Mountains

I really do.

After spending a week in the Tirol region of the alps doing time-lapses and sliding around on their slippery faces I am now deeply in love with mountains. At risk of sounding like a pretentious environmental pervert, I have to point out my love is purely plutonic. But never the less I am now more obsessed than ever before and I am very happy with the results of standing on a mountainside for hours maxing out the shutter count on the 5Dmkii making some time-lapses. 

Above Me shooting has started!

This week was the first full days of shooting for my next project, which has the working title of ‘Above Me’. I am venturing back into the world of documentary and exploring the minds of rock climbers in a film that takes a look at why they climb mountains and what it is that drives them to risk their lives. Myself, Richard Foster and Curt Taylor spent two super-long days with the almighty climber Phil Smith filming in the Lake District.

We made the 2 and a half hour journey to film the peculiar sport of ice climbing, but due to the ever-changing weather conditions in the UK at the moment we ended up looking at what we should be climbing and waiting for conditions to improve, which they never did… 

Despite the weather I am very pleased with what we got came away with and the film seems to have grown its own legs and is taking me on its own journey. After a day or two in the edit I am pleased with how the rushes are looking and although this project has only just begun I feel good about it.

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Polarsets Tropics is out!

After months of filming, editing and grading Polarsets Tropics music video was released on consequence of sound the other day. Getting a good reception so far and really hope the video helps the super talented Polarsets get as much recognition as they deserve. The music video has was a co adventure with a friend and local film maker Kristian Young. Watch, enjoy, share!